Monday, 06 July 2020

Nepal is exceptionally rich in biological diversity for a country of its size. A total of 191 mammal species are reported from Nepal. Major parts of the Nepal Himalaya are unexplored and unprotected which harbor range of mammalian fauna. The high altitude mammals that includes: Snow leopard (Panthera uncia), Dhole (Cuon alpines), Musk deer (Moschus chrysogastor), Blue sheep (Psudois nayaur), Tibetan argali (Ovis ammon) etc. Majority of local people depends on natural resources for grazing and extraction of timber and medicinal plants. Large carnivores especially, snow leopard kills number livestock resulting significant economic loss of local people. Therefore, retaliatory killing has become a major cause of snow leopard deaths in Nepal Himalaya and its range. Moreover, high altitude mammals are also threatened by widespread hunting and poaching for bones and pelts.

The main objectives of the program are as follows:

1.      prepare data base system on endangered mammalian fauna especially snow leopard and its prey species

2.      conduct research and monitoring programs

3.      find the major cause of conflict between human and large carnivores

4.      advocate in government and public level for the implementation and monitoring of different policies regarding high altitude mammals conservation

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